About Dr. Faith

Meet Dr. Faith Robertson, affectionately known as "Dr. Faith". She is a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, esthetician, and overall beauty motivationalist. She created TRUTH by Dr. Faith because of her own skincare battles as an adult and shamelessly shares her story. Dr. Faith is committed to providing safe and effective, naturally derived products that are changing faces around the world. She is an educator in the beauty industry, both locally and internationally. Dr. Faith has been featured in several health and wellness publications and continues to be recognized globally for her contribution to the esthetics and skincare industry.

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The Struggle is Real

This is my story..stress and hormonal induced acne, dark spots, premature signs of aging, unhealthy, damaged skin..you name it, as an adult, I struggled with it. After spending thousands of dollars on dermatologists, painful steroid injections in my face, and expensive creams and ointments, I decided it was time to become my own client when this battle happened again. The results speak for themselves! With consistent use, my skin keeps getting better and better. Trust me, I feel your pain and I have your remedy. Start your journey today. ~Dr. Faith

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