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Our naturally-derived, medical grade products are safe and effective at targeting signs of aging, and sun damaged skin.

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Our Mission

It is our belief that everyone is beautiful. It is our job to show that beauty to the rest of the world through safe and effective medical grade skincare. You deserve the best and that is exactly what we strive to provide. Congratulations on making the decision to start living your TRUTH.

  • "I get so many compliments!"

    "TRUTH by Dr. Faith is amazing!! I have been using the Advanced Youth Complex Serum and Clear & Refine Cleanser for several months and my skin is not only flawless and ageless! My skin has brightened greatly and age spots are minimal thanks to these amazing products. I recommend TRUTH to anyone struggling to maintain healthy beautiful skin- this is the secret! I receive so many compliments on my skin thanks to Dr. Faith! I am truly grateful! Client services, skin care, brows, MUA, Esthetician… UNMATCHED. You have earned a loyal customer in me!"Hasty, K.

  • "TRUTH by Dr. Faith will be worldwide."

    "I have been using many beauty products over the years and I have to tell you I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Faith and learn about her groundbreaking medical grade skin care. I get comments all the time about how glowing my skin is and I owe it all To Dr. Faith and her amazing beauty product line called truth by Dr. Faith. You won't be disappointed give it a try it's life-changing."Q, Lisa

  • "I'm hooked!"

    `I can't say enough about this skincare line! I've noticed a CONSIDERABLE difference in my skin within the last 2 months. These products are light and smell so good! I've never had a consistent skincare regimen, but I knew that I had to invest in these products because I know and trust Dr. Faith! I am so pleased with the results and would highly recommend that you make the investment in these products for your skin. You will not be sorry!``"Allen, A.

  • "It's the Truth!"

    "I've been using TRUTH products for a little over 30 days now but the second day on the products, I was impressed I must say. All the skincare works hand-in-hand together to give your skin the ultimate refined treatment possible to date. The Dr. Faith got it right. I've been a makeup artist for 30 years and I know skin care. This, bar none, is the best I've seen without the high dollar price tag attached. The spray on toner is absolutely a winner!!!!"Moore. M.

  • "I love my skin!"

    "I absolutely love TRUTH. My skin is always left feeling so soft and light which is important to me having dry skin. The skin brightening product really helps with blemishes. Within two weeks, my skin had already started clearing up. Dr. Faith's brand is exactly what it says. It's the TRUTH and I'm so pleased with my results and having healthier beautiful skin"McQuarter, D

  • "I got my life back."

    "TRUTH has changed my life! I was going through a really bad breakout due to hormones, stress and wearing a mask all the time. I've tried several products but TRUTH was the only skincare line that gave me my confidence back. I give it 10 stars!"Tova, S

  • "So glad I made the investment."

    Today I am celebrating my third month of using a beauty product line called Truth by Dr. Faith. For my entire life, I've struggled with finding a gentle<br /> product line from cleanser to lotion to vitamins that keeps my skin glowing day after day. The products are made with the highest quality of ingredients at an affordable price. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing."Hall, K.

  • "Simple and easy steps to great looking skin."

    I can truly say this time, ``My wife made me do it.`` I didn't care much about skincare until my wife, Dr. Faith, started this amazing skincare line. Three steps, twice a day. Its a wrap. You will see a difference in your skin. I have my buddies trying it too. It is the TRUTH!"Robertson, R.

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